Austin, Texas is famous for its thriving music scene and has long been home to innovative music communities that have had significant regional, national, and international influence.

The Austin Music Documentation Initiative (AMDI) seeks to broaden, deepen, and diversify the historical record related to the history of musicianship, music making and music performance in Austin, Texas. To do this, the AMDI works to develop, advocate, and secure funding for the discovery, preservation of and access to archival collections relating to Austin music history. The AMDI seeks to bring together archivists, librarians, scholars, technologists, students & citizens to collaboratively pursue these goals.

This site is the online home for a number of projects – some ongoing, some under development – which share the goal of increasing (access to) documentation of the varied musical and artistic cultures that play – and always have played – a central role in the cultural life, history, and development of Austin, Texas.